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Samue, made in Japan, for men, Bushu indigo dyed, plain weave Samue, dark blue / regular type, 100% cotton (100% cotton)

Samue, made in Japan, for men, Bushu indigo dyed, plain weave Samue, dark blue / regular type, 100% cotton (100% cotton)

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Simple wrapping (presentation box + wrapping paper)

Using an ancient technique using natural indigo, the fabric is woven on a shuttle loom using yarn dyed 14 times in a dark color by skilled craftsmen.I'm using. The more you use the fabric, which will adjust over time, the more you will enjoy the unique colors of indigo dyeing. A simple, plain-woven, Bushu indigo-dyed, easy-to-use Samue that can be worn throughout the year.

Material: 100% cotton (Bushu indigo dyed)
Size S, M, L, LL, 3L
Laundry hand wash
Production Made in Japan


1 front right pocket
With slits on both sides
With shoulder rest
No elastic (tube sleeve)

Fully elastic waist
Comes with self-fabric strings
With zipper
2 pockets
Elastic hem included

We will ship your order 8 business days after it is completed.
In addition, because this product is a fabric that has undergone a hand-dyed process,
If we are unable to deliver within 8 business days, we will notify you of a separate delivery date.
*Wrapping/Noshi available
*All sizes are external dimensions.
*Product specifications may change due to our circumstances. Thank you for your understanding.
*If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


height Length Sleeve length Width
S 155-165 75 70 61
M 165-175 77 72 65
L 175-185 79 73 67
LL 175-185 81 76 71
3L 175-185 83 77 73

waist trousers length inseam hem opening
S 68-76 97 69 48
M 76-84 100 71 48
L 84-94 103 73 50
LL 94-104 106 75 52
3L 104-114 110 76 54
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※手洗い可30℃程度まで / 塩素系漂白NG / アイロン中温・当て布 / ドライ


  1. お洗濯の際、色移りを避けるため単独でのお洗濯をお願いいたします。
  2. ドライクリーニングの際も、単独で洗ってください。
  3. 濡れたままの放置は避けてください。
  4. タンブラー乾燥は避けてください。