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Choose from the season

  • All year

    It is a craftswear made of basic flat weaving fabric that can be worn throughout the year.

    You can choose from dark blue, Asagi color, gray (pongee weave), type and canvas fabric.

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  • Fall and winter

    The origin of the "workwear person" is a sashimi weaving.

    The sashimi weave has a double sting and a single sting, and the basic one is a single sting.

    Double stabs are thicker than kendo clothes and are thicker than single. The crafts made of double stitch sashimi weave are the only work clothes of only "work clothes".

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  • Spring / summer

    It is a thin fabric with a narrowed level of Hiro weave in order to wear the work clothes from early summer to midsummer. In recent years, not only flat weaving, but also work clothes using COOLMAX fabric are also popular.

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Choose from the model

  • Classic

    It is the starting point of the "workwear person", and is still a popular model and is still popular. It is a crafts that can be worn comfortably.

  • basic

    It is a new classic workwear with the theme of silhouettes that evolve with the times.

  • Temple (Professional)

    It is a functional work clothes made based on the opinions of more than 100 temple priests (monks).

  • Ninja (Professional)

    It is a workwear that emphasizes functionality with ninja uniforms as a motif. Recommended not only for lovers, but also for gardener and potters.

  • slim

    It is a craftswear created from the opinions that prefer slim work clothes. Even with a slim silhouette, we are devising to move so as not to be cramped.

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