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Half length coat made of Japanese style made in Japan

Half length coat made of Japanese style made in Japan

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Simple wrapping (presentation box + wrapping paper)

Ban zashiki jiori, Wuzhou Zhenzheng
Using the 'aanenome double beard' known as the material of high quality Kendo wear in Bushu, the Edo period was based on the roots of "hibeshi ban."I made it. Because it takes more time to work than usual snipers and weaves with special loom, the production of real double stacks is very small.
Bio wash dyeing "sanimeji double sheeting" is a luxurious skin, and it is a life that can be used forever.
It is the highest class ban of long seller beyond the age. Made in Japan


100% Cotton (Bushu shoenome)
Size m to L, ll
Laundry washing
Made in Japan


Material: Cotton 100%Double stacks:Blue sky: Blue
Size: m to L (length: 102 cm, waist length 75 cm, cord cloth 165 cm)
Ll - 3L (108CM in length, 80cm in length, and 18cm in size)
Washing: recommended for hand washing
Made in Japan

We will be shipping 8 business days after order.
In addition, this product is for the cloth that the hand dyeing process entered
If you can't pay at 8 business days, we will inform you of your delivery.
* wrapping
* the size is all outside.
* the specifications of the product may change due to our convenience. Please understand beforehand.
* Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


height Length Sleeve length Width
S 155-165 75 70 61
M 165-175 77 72 65
L 175-185 79 73 67
LL 175-185 81 76 71
3L 175-185 83 77 73

waist trousers length inseam hem opening
S 68-76 97 69 48
M 76-84 100 71 48
L 84-94 103 73 50
LL 94-104 106 75 52
3L 104-114 110 76 54
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※手洗い可30℃程度まで / 塩素系漂白NG / アイロン中温・当て布 / ドライ


  1. お洗濯の際、色移りを避けるため単独でのお洗濯をお願いいたします。
  2. ドライクリーニングの際も、単独で洗ってください。
  3. 濡れたままの放置は避けてください。
  4. タンブラー乾燥は避けてください。